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About this campaign

State and local elected officials are an important voice in the conversation about welcoming people seeking safety in the United States. This campaign represents an opportunity for state and local elected leaders to publicly affirm their commitment to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and its importance to our social and economic vibrancy as a nation. Since its establishment in 1980 under President Reagan, USRAP has served as a pathway for those facing persecution because of their political opinions, religious beliefs, race, or nationality to enjoy and uphold the freedoms we value in this country. 

Communities across the country have benefited from the contributions of refugees. In a recent Health and Human Services report, refugees and asylees contributed a $124 billion net positive fiscal impact to our economy. Refugees establish businesses, fill labor shortages, and enrich our cultural and social fabric, ensuring our states – and country – continue to grow and succeed. 

In recent years, the Biden administration has made progress toward rebuilding and restoring the U.S. resettlement program, however, more effort is needed to ensure it is strengthened and remains resilient, robust, sustainable across presidential administrations – and responsive to humanitarian needs and certain displacement emergencies.

In anticipation of the President’s annual consultation and decision on how many refugees the United States plans to resettle in the upcoming fiscal year, this nonpartisan, unbranded letter emphasizes how vital refugees are to our communities, and why we need to maintain our nation’s standing as a leader in welcoming refugees by ensuring that USRAP can remain sustainable for years to come.

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